Bug fixes

  • Fix for content search. It shows sub-pages properly now.
  • Fix for 404 Not Found view shown when invalid data was submitted in "New link/note" forms.
  • Various fixes for image selection in "New link" view.
  • Various fixes for responsiveness on small devices.


  • You can now browse content based on its type: notes, links, images and videos.
  • Added gallery mode when browsing images.
  • Added user filtered and "whole Thingr" search functionality.

UI improvements

  • When clicking "New link/note" buttons from a topic context, it will pre-select that topic in the form.
  • Allow collapsing of Private/Public topic list.
  • New topic form shows "Create topic" button instead of ambiguous "save".
  • Added topic count in Private/Public topics section in the sidebar.
  • Added item count in Things section in the sidebar.
  • Added hint messages to help get started when user has no content.
  • Search form now shows "Search your things" or "Search {user}'s things" instead of simple "Search".

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